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The New Zealand Tunnelling Society (NZTS) is a collaborating Technical Interest Group of Engineering New Zealand and is affiliated with the International Tunnelling Association.

The NZTS aims to advance the knowledge, capability and competence of the New Zealand Tunnelling Industry.


The NZTS is also an affiliate with:

NZTS membership includes:

The NZTS comprises engineers who work in industries that utilise or rely on tunnels and is concerned with advancing knowledge and promoting the latest best-practice techniques for all aspects of tunnelling including:

Activities and benefits

The NZTS provides many benefits to its members. As a member you can attend site visits to gain insights and network with peers. You can also partake in charity events for causes that members advocate for (see Joining the NZTS).

The NZTS offers resources including technical papers, journals, presentations, tunnelling databases and more. You can utilise and contribute to these resources to gain and promote a better understanding of tunnelling.

Are you an engineer with a specialisation or interest in tunnelling?

Join the New Zealand Tunnel Society and stay up-to-date on industry movements, technical skills and professional networking.